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Monday, December 3, 2012

Owls Head Lobster Company

Owls Head Lobster Company
24"x3 wonderful 0" (without frame)
Oil on stretched canvas

A wonderful vacation in Maine last August, after a very busy, project filled summer, yielded lots of great photos for future paintings.  I returned home rested and recharged.  

En route to Owls Head Lighthouse, to take photos for a future painting, we drove by this very colorful arrangement of lobster bouys marking the entrance to the Owls Head Lobster Company.  It was too much to resist, I love color more than anything else that doesn't have a heartbeat.

I am very proud of this painting, I worked hard on the foreground and shadows.  I hope you like it as well.  If you are interested in this painting, but would like to chose your own frame, just drop me a note in the comments section (I won't publish it) and we can discuss.

More paintings coming in the New Year, my next project will be another lighthouse....