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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Favorite Things Still Life

I have been working on this painting for a while. I really struggled with the shadow on the bottle and I'm not sure I am done yet, but wanted to post it anyway. I had to stop because I was in serious danger of over painting and making a real mess.

Being on vacation this week is a real God send. I am getting to paint every day, in fact, starting yesterday, I decided that while I was on vacation, I will paint a painting a day. I have completed two already and will show them here later once I have decent photos of them.

What a luxury to be able to paint for hours every day. Sometimes I think it's against the odds to be able to do so. We recently got a dehumidifier, which is great, but it's in the laundry room off my studio and it puts off a tremendous amount of heat. Hubby seems to have a built in radar about my planning to use the studio, as he has managed to turn on the dehumidifier every day about an hour before I go in. Mentioning that I would prefer he didn't doesn't seem to register. In my next house, the studio is going to be far away from the laundry room (I hate listening to the noise of the washer and dryer when I am working) and away from other household noises if at all possible. I love the sounds of silence, and even though we live on several acres, it apparently is very hard to come by.

Today I braved both the sounds of laundry and the heat from the dehumidifier and painted for four hours, finishing a fairly detailed painting. It was great fun and I can't wait to share it.

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