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Friday, January 28, 2011

It's all in the Cards

My apologies for being so long between posts. Since being an artist is my passion, but not my employment, sometimes my day job takes more time than others. So for the next few weeks, when we are at our busiest, I will probably be posting less frequently.

This particular piece is called "The King of Hearts Steps out with the Queen of Diamonds" and it was created for a doll challenge called "It's All in the Cards" held at the Jeykll Island Doll Seminar between 10-12 years ago.

The idea of the piece was create a three dimensional card deck with the characters literally coming out of the cards. The king and queen both have one arm and one leg still in the deck, and on the back of the piece the jester is more in the deck than out, although he is three dimensional on his own card. The king and queen are coming out of the top of the deck.

The king has 52 heart shapes in his clothing and crown representing the 52 cards in a deck (sans jokers).

Although I have made a lot of dolls, and most of them are more traditionally representational, I have a lot more fun making things like this that are out of the box. I hope you enjoy this piece and a small view into my weird mind.

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