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Monday, June 28, 2010


My dad is getting older. Although that's true for all of us, he is getting to the point in his life where his quality of life is impacted. Since his stroke several years ago, and a recent diagnosis of a neurodegenerative disorder his health issues have multiplied. I'm 100% certain that this is not the old age and retirement that he envisioned as he worked so hard for all those years.

I decided that I needed to paint him while I could it with joy and not sadness. He looks younger in the painting than he actually is, but when I showed the painting to my uncle last weekend, he knew exactly who I had painted. So at least he is recognizable to more than just me.

Painting his hair was hard. He was a blonde as a youth, and like most natural blondes, his hair darkened into a dingy dishwater color as he got older. Although now it is streaked with grey, it's still retains a lot of that color. Add to that it's both receding and thinning and it was problematic. I did however, capture the shape of his face, nose and jaw and his beautiful blue eyes which I was fortunate enough to inherit.

This is how I'll remember my dad long after he is gone. Quietly chuckling over something he's heard or seen...not missing anything that is happening around him. My brother and I saw this expression and pose a lot while we were growing up.

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