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Friday, June 25, 2010

Spooky Tuesday

Spooky Tuesday came from a shelter at just eight weeks old. He was part of a litter of five kittens named after the days of the work week. Because it was October he was renamed Spooky Tuesday in honor of Halloween.

I have always been partial to black cats. They are elegant and Spooky is no exception. He is the king in our household and it shows in nearly every move. His pose is nearly always regal.

This was my first painting of Spooky, and even though it was created in oils, it looks more like a watercolor. He is one of my favorite subjects to paint. I think to date I have created four Spooky paintings. Burka Kitty was the first, painted from a photo taken when he was a kitten.

Looking at this image today, for the first time I can see areas where I could improve this painting. Will I go back and do it? I don't know. If I try to fix all my old paintings, I will not get to work on any new ones, and I'll run out of things to post here in short order.

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