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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Elf with Bead Garland

This is a nice closeup of one of the elves faces. Although none of my shots captured the ears, they are sewn on separately and are pointed as elf ears should be. I tend to make all of my elves as young, so I add freckles to capture that youth.
This particular elf, in her beret and apron has been busy in the workshop all morning and is taking time out to help trim the tree. Her small Nantucket basket is filled with the beaded garland.
When she is set up in the Christmas elf display, the end of the garland is in the hands of the purple elf who is perched on the ladder to get it high up on the tree.
Working with the tiny stripes is a challenge when you are using them horizontally, but it's worth it for the overall look. I now have a collection of tiny stripes in all colors, just waiting for more elves to spring forth someday when I retire.

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