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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bearing Gifts

Tis the season, and today I got out the Christmas Elves to go on the mantel. Several years ago, although it seem like only yesterday, I made one of a kind art dolls. Among the most popular were the elves and fairies. I sold several that I made both on spec and as commissions. Each one is one of a kind.

When I no longer had the time to create them on a regular basis, I decided to keep the remaining elves for the enjoyment of my family and perhaps something to pass on in the far distant future. There are six elves in my collection, and I will post one every day between now and Christmas. Each one is mounted on a wooden base painted to look like snow and stands between 11' and 14" tall from the base to the tip of the hat.

The pattern is an original, they are made entirely from cloth with needle sculpted, hand painted faces. The eyelashes are created from silk organza, and the tiny hands are complete with fingernails.

This elf is the Elf Bearing Gifts, she was one of the first ones that I created. Her skirt and boots are made from hand painted fabric, her hat is leather. The gifts are fabric wrapped small wooden matchbooks. The hair is dyed Cottswald wook. A close of detail of both the hands and face are below.

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