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Friday, December 24, 2010

Hold everything, I found the Lights!

"Hold it everyone, I found the lights! Now we can put them on the tree." If your house is anything like mine, this is how you probably found them as well. Now to hope they all work.

I found the little wooden lights at a craft store and bought every package I could get my hands on at the time. They were NOT strung, so I used dark green button thread doubled to get the job done. What fun tangling them around his body!

His little white hat was hand felted from Cotswald wool by a friend, I cut two small slits on each side for the pointed ears to come out, added the band and the feather and fell in love with this little guy.

Check out the stripes on his legs, I am very proud of how well they match up, they are only about 1/8" wide. Let me tell you, it was a challenge. They match on both the front and back, as they do on the arms and the body. Lots and lots of little pins!
Tomorrow is Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone. I hope your day is filled with the love of your family and friends, and may all your Christmas dreams come true!

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