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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Art comes in many forms

During a point in my life when I had lots of free time, my creative energies tended towards working with fabrics. I made custom neckties, one of a kind jackets and clothing items, and dolls. Not rag dolls, but posed fabric figurines. In an effort to improve my skills at needle sculpting the faces, I created a series of heads to be used as a chess set.

This chess set was in my first show and one of my first pieces to ever sell. This particular set was called "Fire and Ice". It sold through a local gallery, so I never found out who purchased it. But the sale of it, and showing the photos on the web site I had at the time, gave me a commission for a second set, which I will share on another day.

What I liked best about making these pieces is that each piece had it's own unique character. Just like in a real army, the uniforms are the same, but the individuals who wear them are all unique in their own right. All of the faces are hand painted, all of the costumes are hand stitched. This set was 95% made with a needle in my hand, and not by using a sewing machine. It was a real joy to create.

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