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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Signs of Spring

Although it's cold here right now, this time of year I am always excited by the signs of spring. The many shades of green as the trees start to leaf out, the grass and the flowers that are starting to sprout up everywhere.

I have lots of purple and white violets growing everywhere, but often the pansies winter over as well. This painting was one of the first ones created when I started painting. It hangs in my father's home, a gift to my step mom before she passed away, something that she seemed to really love.

I hope to be painting more this summer, practice makes perfect and I hope to get a lot of practice.


  1. Hi Wendy,
    When I saw this picture I thought of my great niece Mallory (who is Lois' granddaughter). She is in remission from Leukemia (December is her 5 year anniversary of her bone marrow transplant) She has taken up drawing, painting, pottery, embroidery etc. One of her favorite things to draw or paint is flowers and she is quite the little artist. She has become real crafty while fighting the leukemia. She is going to be 11 this month. I was just showing your pictures to her and she loves all of them. You do wonderful art work hope to enjoy more in the future. Joanne Crockett Goneau.

  2. Thanks, Joanne. I plan to keep posting and I appreciate all comments. Makes me feel like I am not talking to myself.

    I am so happy to hear that Mallory is doing well and still in remission. I'd love to see some of her work sometime. I did all of those things as well. I hope she keeps at it. The key to getting better is not just talent, but practice, something I don't do enough.