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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sometimes you learn things

Sometimes you do something to help you learn, and other times the learning comes as part of the doing, which was the case with this painting.

The painting of Peterborough's antique fire truck was a learning experience in a lot of ways. I started it as a challenge, more like a gauntlet thrown down by a co-worker who said "even you could do a better job."

Although I'm pretty sure she didn't mean it that way, I took the challenge. First attempt was using colored pencils, followed by watercolor and finally covered the entire thing with oils.

Lessons learned
  • I don't like working in colored pencil.
  • The fussy detail work required in painting a vehicle is not for me.
  • And finally, plan your painting before you start and you won't have a tree growing out of the middle of your fire truck!

I gave the painting to my co-worker who says she's framed and hung it in her home, so at some level it was a success.

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