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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rainy days make me think of mud pies

When my grand-daughter was seven, I used to pick her up after school one day a week so we could spend the afternoon together. We did crafts, made popcorn and watched movies or played outside in the yard.

One fine May day, we stopped at nursery and bought some flowers to plant in the yard. After all the flowers were planted, she took the pots and went to play in the pile of loam. I sat in a lawn chair watching and talking to her. After she decided the loam needed watering because she needed to make mud, I had to go get my camera.

Making Mud Pies was my favorite photo of her, and when I decided to try my hand at portrait painting, it was a natural to grab that one. She is a young adult now, but the best compliment she could ever pay me was to ask if she could please have the painting. I have promised it to her in my will, in the mean time, she will have to make do with a photograph of the painting and a JPG for her FaceBook page.

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