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Friday, May 21, 2010

Getting Permission

As my time to paint is limited, I often paint from photographs, generally ones I have taken, but occasionally I find a something I want to paint and the photo belongs to someone else.

I don't sell my work, at least not at this time, so if I use an image that belongs to someone else, I am not profiting from it. However, I do generally ask permission to paint the image. If I cannot find a way to contact the individual who took the photo, I probably won't paint it. I do occasionally try to reproduce another painting. When I do this, I make sure my painting is noted as a study and reference the original artist and the title of their work. I try very hard to be sensitive to copyright issues and respect others intellectual property.

The painting above was inspired by a photograph taken by a friend while on her honeymoon in the South of France. When I asked her if I could try to paint the sceen, she graciously agreed. The courtyard was filled with pots of flowers, some wonderful crockery in the grilled window and a marvelous wooden door. There was also a fountain for the purpose of obtaining potable water in the courtyard. By the looks of it, it has stood there for many years.

This painting was my first in nearly 20 years with this level of detail. I took the photograph, my canvas and supplies on vacation, and this was one of the ways I relaxed. That and visiting local vintners. Just a note, tasting wine at 10Am shortly after brushing your teeth is not the best way to taste wine.

A family member fell in love with the painting and thus now owns it. She found a wonderful and unusual frame that really sets it off.

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